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Leonid I. Vidrak

Leonid I. Vidrak is an artist based in the United States, New York City metropolitan area, whose paintings have been exhibited in USA, Italy, Russia and France. He cites harmony and consonance as the life force behind his work. Artist’s vibrant compositions explore the meaning of life for all creatures through the themes of equality, connection, and purpose. The interplay of color and light is critical to his process. He creates using oils, tempera, watercolors, and ink on canvas or paper.


Works are held in public and private collections in the United States, Israel, Russia and Europe. Educated in School of Fine Arts and Academy of Arts and Architecture in Russia.


Latest exhibitions and events include participation in X Florence Biennale 2015; publishing in Art-Tour International; works for VIDA Collection; participation in ArtExpo 2016 Milano; Paris - Carrousel du Louvre 2017; XII Florence Biennale 2019; Magix Group Exhibition, Exhibizone, Canada, Oct 1 – 31, 2022; Shapes and Colors, Group Exhibition, 01-Mar-2023 To 31-Mar-2023, Gallerium, Biafarin Exhibition, ARTBOXY digital presentation at: ArtExpo Basel 2023, Finity Gallery, Berlin 2023, Case del Arte, Palma/Spain 2023, Exhibition at Jersey City JCAST 2023, Personal Exhibitions "Colors in Flight" Exhibition at Sotheby's Gallery in Morristown, NJ 2024

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